The Team

Krishna HegdeCo-founder

Krishna has over a decade of leadership experience across unicorn fintech startups and traditional financial institutions. Since moving to India in 2016, he has launched products used by millions including Digital Gold, BNPL (Postpaid), Microinsurance & Digital Assets Indices.


Previously, Krishna was a Managing Director at Barclays Singapore and was featured in the Asset Magazine Hall of Fame 2016. His prior work experience includes stints at Lehman Brothers, Paytm, Setu, CoinSwitch among others.


Sharan NairCo-founder

Sharan has played a pivotal role in introducing digital assets to India. He has been running exchanges since 2014, having been on the founding team of Unocoin & CoinSwitch.


In his last role as Chief Business Officer at CoinSwitch, which he joined in 2018, he was pivotal in building and scaling the business.

Previously, at Unocoin (India's earliest digital assets exchange), Sharan scaled the business to millions of users. He has led numerous policy and regulatory efforts on behalf of the web3 industry in India. Eg.


Yadunandan BatchuCo-founder

Yadu is a self taught engineer since 2014. Prior to co-founding PYOR, he was the lead developer at CoinSwitch (India's largest digital assets exchange) and built core tech for digital assets.


Yadu has rich experience including building Custodial Wallet solutions, Ledger System, Exchange Integrations, solutions for human readable wallet addresses etc.

Prior to CoinSwitch, Yadu worked at Unocoin, driving growth through community development and meetups.


Sarmad NazkiCo-founder

Sarmad started his career in consulting and moved to Indian startups in 2016. He has held leadership positions in several leading unicorns. He has a track record of demonstrating an entrepreneurial mindset, strong business acumen and rich experience in building and scaling businesses.


In his previous role as CFO of CoinSwitch, he also played a key role in collaborating with regulators and policy makers on regulation of digital assets in India.

His prior work experience includes stints with Ola, Ola Electric, Bounce, EY and KPMG.